The teenage years are probably the most essential but sensitive years of life. This is the right time to focus on your health which is necessary for the right growth and development. Once this age has crossed you can not grow more in terms of height. So, a healthy diet is essential to guarantee that you have all the required nutrients in your body to help you grow and develop properly. 

You need the right amount of nutrients and energy to help you perform well in school both in terms of studies and sports. There are numerous health tips that you need to follow but the most important have been mentioned ahead.

1. Do not Skip Breakfast

Breakfasts are essential for your health. Dom people might believe that they can lose weight easily if they skip breakfast but it is the opposite. This meal is necessary to maintain a healthy body. This meal is taken after a huge gap so it boosts the energy level in your body. If you are still conscious about your diet you can incorporate whole grain toasts, fresh juices, yogurt, or cereals in your routine. Taking low-fat milk such as skimmed milk in your diet is also healthy. Try a smoothie in the morning. Not only are they good for your body but also for the skin. Teenagers usually experience acne issues. Healthy green smoothies can help with it. 

2. Eat Three Meals a Day  

Having 3 meals including breakfast, lunch, and dinner is a necessary thing. Make sure that you have an intake of all the portions including fruits, vegetables, beans, starchy food, dairy, meat, etc. It is necessary at this age to eat five portions of fruits and vegetables a day. You might be wondering what counts as a portion. Well, two small fruits like plums, one medium fruit like apple, and one full tablespoon of dried fruits together make one portion. 

3. Build up Your Bones 

Being a teenager your body needs a high amount of calcium to help maintain the growth of your bones and to keep them firm and healthy. The age of 18-25 is the time when the bone tissue present in the skeleton reaches its peaks. It is the point when bones achieve their maximum strength. So being a healthy teen is necessary. You need good and healthy bones to play sports. If you are a teenager of a certain high school who belongs to central England particularly Chatsworth and wish to participate in the sports teams of England,  then you can achieve the right strength using sports medicine chatsworth ga .  

4. Boost your Iron Intake

Iron intake is so important during each phase of life but mainly during the teenage years. It is important for girls especially as they tend to lose iron during periods. So they get deficient in iron quite easily. They need to have a proper intake of fruits and other foods that are rich in iron. Iron is essential as it is used for making red blood cells responsible for carrying oxygen throughout the body. Sources of iron are green vegetables, seeds, beans, dried fruits, etc.

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