Apple iOS 8 Cheat Sheet: Everything You Need to Know

Apple iOS 8 Cheat Sheet: Everything You Need to Know

iOS 8, the newest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, is set to be released in the fall of 2014. With over 200 new features, this operating system update could drastically change the way you use your iPhone or iPad, and even how you connect with friends and family through iMessage and FaceTime. To make sure you get the most out of iOS 8, don’t miss these seven important things every iPhone user should know about iOS 8.

Getting Started

Apple’s iOS 8 operating system for iPhone and iPad was released on September 17, 2014. Here’s what you need to know about the new features and capabilities in iOS 8. 2) Notification Center

  •  Create alerts with notification settings
  • Manage notifications by swiping left or right
  • View pending notifications by swiping down from the top of your screen – Tap an app name to clear all notifications from that app
  •  Multitasking Gestures & Multitasking Apps
  • Slide left or right across your open apps to switch between them. The most recent app will always be displayed first.

Keyboard Shortcuts

There are a ton of keyboard shortcuts in iOS 8, and they can really help you get around your device faster.

Here are some of the most useful ones Command+C: Copy selected text or object

  • Command+X: Cut selected text or object
  • Command+V: Paste contents from clipboard (including text, photos, drawings)
  • Control+Z/Y/P/N/M: Undo and redo an action (requires prior use of Command)
  • Command+, (comma): Quickly access additional settings for whatever’s on-screen

General Tips

  1. Update your iPhone to iOS 8 for free. To do this, open the Settings app, tap General, then Software Update.
  2. Use iCloud to back up your device. iCloud will save your photos, videos, documents, and app data automatically and wirelessly.
  3. Use Touch ID to unlock your iPhone and make purchases in the App Store or iTunes Store.
  4. Apple Pay is a new way to pay for physical goods and services with your iPhone 6 or later.
  5. The Health app tracks your fitness and activity data, as well as provides information on medical conditions and medications.
  6. Siri has been enhanced with new features and can now be activated by saying Hey Siri.

Messages App

The Messages app has been completely redesigned in iOS 8. The new design is flat and colorful, and it includes new features like the ability to send audio and video messages. To send an audio message, just tap and hold the microphone icon. To send a video message, tap and hold the camera icon.

Maps App

The new Maps app in iOS 8 has a number of features that makes it more comprehensive and user-friendly than ever before. With the new Traffic view, you can see real-time traffic conditions on your route and plan accordingly. The public transit view will show you the best way to get around using public transportation, and the new walking directions feature is perfect for when you’re exploring a new city on foot. Plus, the Flyover feature gives you a bird’s eye view of select cities in 3D.

Notes App

The Notes app is a great way to keep track of all your thoughts and ideas in one place. Plus, you can easily share your notes with others via email or social media. Here’s everything you need to know about the Notes app in iOS 8. -Create a new note by tapping on the New Note button at the bottom of the screen.

  • A list of recent notes will appear on the left side of your screen that you can tap on to open and edit them.
  • Tap on Done at the top right corner when you’re finished editing.
  • When editing a note, use either your finger or Apple Pencil (for iPads) to make text selections as well as erase portions of text.
  • To add photos, drawings, links, websites or attachments like Word documents or PDFs go into edit mode then tap on Insert and select from Photo, Video, Maps, etc.


Reminders App

The Reminders app is a great way to keep track of things you need to do. You can create different lists for different tasks, and set up reminders for when you need to do them. Plus, the app syncs with iCloud, so you can access your lists from any device. Just make sure to update the list on all devices if something changes!

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